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Travel Assistance Services

Local Excursions or Long Distance


We can travel with Snow Birds home “North or South.” We help you get home after rehab or a hospitalization by airplane, train, or automobile. If you are using medical equipment like a walker, wheelchair or oxygen; We can help. We can also assist you with personal needs during travel such as taking medications as prescribed, or assistance in the restroom, for example.


We also make your vacation travels possible and enjoyable. Including your loved one with special needs on vacation shouldn't mean that you have to miss out. Whether by vehicle, train, or airplane or even cruising we can assist with daily activities such as showering, dressing, toileting/hygiene. We assist with mobility to and from desired venues via walker, cane, or wheelchair. Be assured that your loved one will be part of the vacation while you relax and enjoy the vacation as well.

 Local Excursions:

You and your loved one can go to the:




Child Birth



Holiday gathering


Ask, we may be available for “that trip.” We are experts when it comes to assisting your loved one with their personal needs and mobility limitations. We are ready to help you thrive.