Exercise Programs

We can personalize a safe and effective exercise program to be done in your home, in your condo gym, or in your pool.

Can you benefit from...

  • Balance Exercises:
    • We can focus on seated or standing balance exercises and focus on core strengthening.
    • Do you get dizzy when you stand up and are afraid of falling? Balance and head motion techniques can help reduce your risk of falling.
  • Strengthening Exercises:
    • A stronger body will allow you greater ability to do what you want to do.
    • Increase your joint mobility: Increased range of motion of your arms or legs will allow you to do your household tasks or hobbies with greater ease.
  • Cardio Exercises:
    • Increase you energy level despite your cardiac status. Increased energy will allow you to walk further, do more with your family and friends. You will feel and breathe better!

An exercise program may be what you need to promote health and wellness.

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