All Inclusive In-Home Consultation

An All Inclusive In-Home Consultation is exactly what you need. Let our expert advice help improve safety and accessibility of your home. Recommendations, modifications, and training will help you or your loved one to continue being able to stay independent in the comfort of your home longer.

(These are examples. Not limited to the following.)

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  • Mobility in wheelchair and walking device:
    • Wheelchair – standard, lightweight, transport, reclining, power
    • Walking devices
      • Aluminum Rolling Walker (2 wheels), walker tray/bag/basket, platform
      • Rollator Walker (4 wheels, seat)
      • Tri-rollator Walker (3 wheels, no seat)
      • Hemi-Walker (used on 1 side)
      • Canes – standard, stand-up assist, quad cane (large and small based)
      • Crutches
  • Positioning for wheelchair and bed:
    • Wheelchair
      • seat cushions and back cushions
      • armrest pads and trays
      • legrest and foot pads or cradles
    • Bed
      • Hospital bed, proper bed height, bed railings, appropriate mattress type
      • Wedges – to lift head and upper body, or for arm/legs
  • Bathroom:
    • General - accessible doorway, accessible under counter, non-slip rugs, quality flooring, adequate lighting/night lights, grab bars vs towel bars
    • Toilet – height and size of seat opening, additional raised toilet seat, commode, and/or railings, grab bar, padded lid
    • Shower or Tub - grab bars, non-slip mat, shower chair, tub bench, hand-held shower head, long handle sponge, soap on rope, soap/shampoo storage in reach, walk-in tubs
  • Bedroom:
    • Sleeping - Hospital bed, proper bed height, bed railings, appropriate mattress type
    • Other - accessible doorway, non-slip rugs, dressing equipment – reacher, sock aide and shoehorn, adequate pathways for walker or wheelchair, quality flooring, adequate lighting/night lights, appropriate chair, night stands and/or tables
  • Living Room:
    • Furnishings - proper furniture height, recliner/lift chairs, adequate and properly placed tables
    • Other - non-slip rugs, adequate pathways for walker or wheelchair, quality flooring, adequate lighting, reacher to pick up items
  • Kitchen:
    • General – storage of most used items in easy reach, sitting stool w/ armrests, reacher to pick up items, step stool, adequate lighting, under cabinet lighting
    • Equipment for arthritic hands – openers, mechanical devices to handle pot/pans, bottles, etc
    • Equipment for self-feeding – scoop dishes, plate guard, non-slip place mat, color contrast, larger handle utensils
  • General Home:
    • Stairway – handrails, non-slip treads, lift chair
    • Safe entrance/exits from house & patios, Safe exterior spaces/flooring, ramps
    • Laundry management – location of supplies, location and height of machines, carrying baskets
    • Medication routine – pill boxes, easy checklists/physician list, reminders, location of meds, easy open med bottle lids, pop-out pill packs
    • Medic Alert systems

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